WordPress Tips and Tricks to Becoming an Expert

Bloggers have been raving for years about WordPress and its incredible web design power. If you can code word press is a cinch, but if code is difficult and working with content management systems is not your thing, the variety of features in WordPress can confuse most.

When it comes to URLs, it is important to make sure your permalinks are set to post name. Stay away from long URLs or strings of numbers and you will attract the search engine spiders faster. You can even optimize your post name permanent links to include keywords you may be targeting.

wordpressWordPress Expert Tips for Titles and Descripts

Within WordPress you can configure your titles, tags, and descriptions for not only search engines but for users who lands on your site that chooses you as the best selection in organic search. Depending on the plug-in that you have, you can configure these settings very easily. Also, be sure to include titles and alt tags plus descriptions in all uploaded images if possible. This can be time-consuming but, definitely worth the effort. By doing these small influential things, your website pages can increase their rankings faster than other sites out there in the web.

Add WordPress Media

WordPress is designed to post pages and blog posts categorizing each post accordingly to the correct category. Keeping the website added with fresh new content is what the search engines love and will be well worth your efforts. Including rich media like videos, images, and PDFs can keep users interacting with your page and spending longer time on your sites. Videos are great for flooding the search engines and for users that visit. Videos and other forms of rich media give the website stickiness which provides value in the search engines.


Schedule WordPress Posts and Pages Like a Pro

If you plan to publish many pages and posts with WordPress sites, you have the ability to schedule outposts which can make your life much easier. This will also motivate you to post more and keep a regular schedule when it comes to posting. However often you would like to post is up to you and you can publish at any particular time. Enabling comments may flood up your websites pages, purpose, and functionalities thus does not help the users find what they need faster. Also, eliminating comments and focusing on presenting to your users content that they are visiting for, will keep spam or unwanted trolls from being featured on your site. A really great plug-in that filters out spam is akismet (the spam blocker).


What Not to Do With URL’s in WordPress

Leave zero special characters in your post name URL’s, just use specific targeted words. The search engines find this very difficult to spider and index your site when you give them nothing but strings of numbers or characters. It does not hurt to also make sure that URL’s are shorter and not too much for anyone that comes across your site, and always added with your targeted keywords. A very valuable basic feature to WordPress is the save draft button. Within a page or post you can save draft to come back and finish later on.

wordpress add new post

Want to Get Better Work With WordPress

If you would like to become a WordPress expert you must practice day and night to perfect your WordPress skills. Everything is different and the features can be overwhelming, but if you focus on themes and configurations that you can handle which match your skills and goals for your sites then you should have no problem being successful online with WordPress. There are many references and online videos to help strengthen your WordPress skills. There is no lack in resources available for you to master WordPress. Stay in touch with WordPress and watch your abilities become greater.


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