Are You Having Trouble With a Website Design? Then Read This

If you are ready to learn about great quality web design and you shouldn’t back away from this great opportunity. If you’re curious and eager to understand web design skills, you are in the right place at the right time. In this article, we will help you understand professional website design and why you need to know it.

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Depending on the functionality of your website, for instance a web form that allows users to enter their information should be stored and saved for you to use later for marketing efforts, data management, and for other things to run your business. If users sign up and request more information, as a web website owner you should gather this information for growing your business.

The most important page is your homepage. Think about what you want users to see or do when they first land on your website. These 5 to 10 seconds when users first land on your site is the make or break for them in terms of staying on your site or bouncing off. Provide a quick and meaningful slogan or message that gets people’s attention and summarizes what you do for the kind of products or services you have to offer.

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It is also important to show as minimal information as possible, be clear and concise with your message, and that you don’t overwhelm your visitor’s eyeballs with too much information or media. Do not take this the wrong way, content is king so the more content you have on your website pages the better off you’ll be in terms of users reading and search engines crawling. Just for the homepage’s sake keep things simple.

In Terms of Website Speed Tips

Any images JPEG’s, png’s or gif files can all vary in data size. Be sure to optimize your images by using compression image plug-ins, smaller size media file formats, and clean code for faster loading pages. This will improve your stickiness and user base simply based on the fact that they can access your well optimized site faster.

These tips and many others will help you become an awesome website designer and or help any business owner understand why website functionality is so important along with user experience and quality optimization practices.



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